Stylish Wigs forĀ Hair Loss Patients

Medical Insurance may cover your wig (cranial hair prosthesis).

From mono top to 100% hand-made, the quality, design and craftsmanship are the finest available. The result is soft, silky and manageable hair with the most natural look and comfortable fit imaginable

Our Naturalle Collection is a collection of invisible front lace line wigs that do not require any tape or glue. The lace contours to your forehead and, with a simple application of foundation, disappears giving you a beautiful, natural looking hairline.

All our synthetic wigs are of the highest quality synthetic hair. Some of our wigs are fully machine made, some Mono Filament tops with machine made backs, and some are completely hand tied.

All sheitel hair comes from eastern europe or southeast asia and is a secret blend of our finest hair. Our remi+ line is so lifelike you will wish your own hair would be so soft and luxurious.


From the most exclusive handcrafted lace front wigs to the highest quality human hair and synthetic styles, our wig collections are as versatile as the needs of today’s women


“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help when I came in for a wig. I'm going thru chemotherapy and have lost all my hair so having a wig available is a great moral booster!! I was impressed with your concern for my comfort and sensitivity to my condition. Taking the time to match a wig to my hair color and then shaping the wig on my head so that it looked natural made all the difference in the world. Several people were fooled by the wig, thinking that it was my own hair, including my own Mother!! Thank You for being there when I needed you.”

J. D.Grapevine, Texas

“I could tell you thank you forever and ever and it still wouldn't come close to how you made me feel when I came into the shop I was feeling really down. By the time I left with my new wig, I had a smile and a good feeling inside. Don seal, you're the best. What you do for people who have cancer and the way you cheer them up, god will have a special place for you. Thank you. Thank you.”

C. Mc. Denton, Texas

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had 3 chemo infusions. I purchased a wig at another shop and was not really satisfied with it. I called Cigna HealthCare and they informed me that a wig is covered if I go to an approved provider --- Comfort Wigs, ETC. Don not only helped me find a wig, but also cut the wig I had purchased elsewhere. The Comfort Wigs staff was kind and cheerful, making the whole experience a day that was nice instead of dreadful. He also explained how to maintain and style the wig and billed Cigna for the wig. The high-quality wig from Comfort Wigs cost me only a $15 co-pay! ”

G. E.Mesquite, Texas

“Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my wig. I thought losing my hair would be the worst part about Chemo, but it's actually been fun watching my friends. Even my close friends will say, "So when will you start losing your hair?" They are amazed to know it's already gone, and I'm wearing a wig! Even I'm amazed at how well it matches my own hair's color and style. I appreciate the time you took to cut my hair and cut and style the wig, and I'm especially thankful for your expertise in working with the insurance company to file the claim. My drive from Richardson was well worth it.”

C. G.


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