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Yes you can safely detangle a synthetic wig, take out the frizz, and renew it almost to the look it had when it was new!!

  Synthetic wigs have always seemed to be mysterious to those who wear them. The common knowledge has always been to keep synthetic wig away from any heat warmer than body temperature, and to never use hot styling appliances made for use on human hair. Unknown until now is that synthetic hair can be somewhat to mostly renewed  and detangled with the proper styling techniques using the correct amount of heat. Synthetic wig hair is actually tiny plastic fibers that have the texture of ideal human hair, and is called "synthetic" because who would go out and purchase a plastic hair wig?
  Collar length and longer synthetic hair will always tangle or frizz because of the hair rubbing on the skin or clothing. The more active the lifestyle, the more the wig will tangle. It will tangle more when you wear wool than when you wear silk or leather. Less friction equals fewer tangles. If you keep the tangles out the wig it will stay looking great for many months.
   The secret is to remove the tangles when you first encounter them. The staff of Comfort Wigs, ETC has experimented with and researched synthetic hair properties for years and assembled first of a kind kit. The kit contains tools, a special conditioner, an instructional video CD or DVD, that enables wig wearers to keep their synthetic wig looking like healthy growing hair for many months to come.
    Other helpful products are a canvass wig head (block), a block holder, T pins, the new nifty Hang Up to store your wig, and a metal bristle brush. All of these products are great for home styling of synthetic wigs. A Styrofoam head can be used instead of the canvass block, however, the Styrofoam head hole at the bottom will quickly enlarge with use and will soon swivel on the block holder. I am easily frustrated with the swiveling and have used a strip of cloth to help fill the hole to stop the turning.

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